Lifted Fog LLC
A global executive coaching and consulting firm.

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Are you or your organization:

  • Facing unique challenges in our fast and furious economy?
  • Would you like to learn how to utilize your cognitive functions better?
  • Venturing in a new direction?
  • Need to be better equipped to lead or manage change?
  • Ready to improve on your current capabilities?
  • Want greater clarity on how to take the next step?
  • Ready to unleash all your potential?
  • Wanting to build a coaching culture to develop your leaders and drive performance?
  • A coach seeking ICF Credentialing? We offer ICF Mentor coaching.

At Lifted Fog, we offer each client, both organizations and individuals alike a customized partnership of coaching and/or consulting for success.

Contact us for further information or a complimentary consultation.


  "We all have the capacity and energy to truly thrive. This requires stimulating curiosity, creating clarity, and inspiring people to take action for results."

Sue Stevenson,
CEO and Founder
 Lifted Fog LLC

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