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What clients are saying
What Clients are Saying
Leadership Development/ High Potential Development
  • "Sue is a fantastic coach. She has been very flexible with my needs and has helped me prepare very well for an anxiety provoking situation. I wouldn't have been able to perform so well without her guidance."
  • "Your experience and knowledge gained at a senior level within the biotech world and it's people is particularly helpful."
  • "I have learned to regulate my emotional responses and reframe tough situations - I now see a different way of leading to bring out the best in the entire team."

Emerging HR Leader

Director, Business Development

CEO, Software company

International Assignment Coaching
  • "The most invaluable resource I could have been given was my coach - she helped me navigate a very different and confusing world, helped me embrace differences and ultimately helped me to transition much faster and more effectively into my new role in China."
GM, China for Fortune 500 company on assignment from the UK
Business Coaching - Entrepreneurs
  • "The coaching process has significantly increased my confidence that I can run a successful business."
  • "Working with Sue has been invaluable as I develop a new business plan. I have so many ideas on the direction of the business that it can become overwhelming to decide where to begin. Sue has given me the tools and guidance to create a clear, focused path on how to successfully start and grow my business."

Senior, corporate executive on starting own business.

Interior Designer

First 90 Days Coaching/ Onboarding
  • "When I accepted this position, I was fortunate to be given a coach to help me navigate through the first ninety days. What a difference this made to my productivity, my ability to build the right relationships and my early successes!"
  • "Everyone should get a coach when they accept a new position at a senior level. It helped me understand the new culture, processes and people much more effectively and quickly, so I could perform at my best."

Neuroscience-based approach to coaching through Results Coaching Systems

"When I embarked on the 12 week high impact coaching work with my coach at Lifted Fog, I had no idea that it was possible to achieve so much. One of my three inspiring goals was to sell my business at a fair price - I not only sold it in 8 weeks with money in the bank, I got 6 times more for it than I originally planned!! Talk about return on investment!"

SVP Marketing at Consumer Goods company.

Newly promoted EVP at multinational high tech company

Entrepreneur selling business before relocating.

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