Lifted Fog LLC
A global executive coaching and consulting firm.

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A sample of Coaching Engagements:

  • Female EVP, Global Strategy for a consumer products company, aiming to get appointed to first CEO position.
  • Global Head of Marketing for Fortune 500 company, tasked with leading the change following a significant acquisition.
  • Emerging HR leader, with MBA, to accelerate her career on an executive track.
  • Regional General Manager on international assignment to Asia, to manage cultural differences and build profitability.
  • Small business entrepreneur and his team to develop organizational vision and build leadership strengths.

A sample of Consulting Engagements:

  • Multinational Pharmaceutical company successfully created an internal coaching culture.
  • City Council reorganized HR Department with greater alignment and competency definition.
  • A culture of accountability created in a fast growing business in the creative space.
  • Facilitated an internal OD team to implement new talent management strategy with great results.
  • Guided HR and OD Leadership team to introduce new Learning strategy based on brain based research.
What we do when coaching leaders:

  • Inquire, stimulate and challenge the leader to perform at their optimum level.
  • Join in the commitment to a leader's individual goals, team goals and organizational goals.
  • Have a results and outcomes orientation to a leader's problems.
  • Guide leaders in thinking differently.
  • Help leaders get unstuck from their dilemmas and assist them in transferring their learning into results.
  • Be a valuable resource to leaders, especially when they need it the most.
  • Connect the dots between feedback from others on a leader's behavior and witnessing it in the here and now during the coaching.
  • Facilitate growth and learning to unleash a leader's full potential.
 "The key to success is building on  your strengths rather than trying  to fix all your weaknesses"

 Marcus Buckingham
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